Bead Fairs in Europe

Living in Europe has its advantages when it comes to being a bead collector. Europe
has a year long schedule of jewelllery and bead fairs to keep you busy for the
entire year.

Trade fairs like chibimart in italy is easily one of the events of the year.
Chibimart currently has hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world carrying
endless variety of beads. I often attend this fair to see all the materials
available, and I never gotten disappointed. Although the size of the fair vary
depending on the season, I find the winter fair an interesting time to go just to
check the colors and materials for next season.

When it comes to looking for particular hard to find pieces I notice trade fairs
have to most variety and gives me the best chance to finding what I need. Findings
for example is quit hard to find if your looking for new designs. Beads fairs in
Germany like Early Bird have the largest collection of findings I have ever seen.
There are about 9 major companies distributing all kinds of findings even offering
made to order designs from all kinds of materials. I usually get my brass collection
from these fairs. I notice the past few fairs have gotten smaller but the coming
year looks promising with more exhibitors from all over the world.

I enjoy trade fairs and have made a lot of friends and business connections from
attending such events. It may sound expensive but transportation to these fairs
usually cost more than the ticket you need to buy to get inside these fairs. If you
know a participant they usually are allowed to give complimentary tickets but I
highly discourage this free me from any obligation from buying from them.

I usually solve my transporting expenses by planning ahead and getting my air
tickets a month before. I did have some problems with trade fairs in Milan which has
very expensive accommodations. But staying in hostels in the city has solved my

I highly recommend attending trade fairs to any bead collector. It has open my eyes
to a whole new way of looking at beads from all over the world.

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How to Shop for Jewellery

The word cheap is a common misconception when people talk costume jewellery, a lot of people generalize costume jewellery as cheap plastics. But not all costume jewellery are the same, some costume jewellery are made from materials that are hard to find and a result hold a lot of value. But being familiar with the different types of materials is necessary if want to avoid getting ripped off.

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Elegant Rubber Necklace

Rubber necklace

You can count on Torry Burch to create a beautiful necklace out of simple materials. Rubber is a great material and is readily available in bead shops or even in hardware shops. Turning rubber components into great jewelry is another matter and requires some planning and a lot of creativity.

Mixing metals components (silver, brass , copper) with rubber can make your final pieces stand out. In creating necklaces with rubber components you will need some beading wire to make sure they stay in place.

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Creating Jewelry from Kits

I’m a big fan for DYI jewelry kits, they are simple to make and easy to finish. Not all of us love designing, jewelry kits guarantee you never end up with a design you don’t want. I started looking for kits in my local bead supplier but was very disappointed with the skill level they offered. I wanted something hard and required more attention on the part of the assembly.

Looking through a beading magazine I saw an ad with lots of jewelry kits available. was the most obvious choice it had the materials I wanted to work on and instructions that I considered easy to follow.

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